Cost Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

We all believe that we can do things better than professionals. Sometimes, we cant! When it comes to professional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, it is best to employ someone who knows what they are doing. The professional you decide to choose should have taken a lot of training which isn’t cheap. Most courses they sit can range from around £150 up to £250 per course. There are a lot of courses that cost more, depending on the field of professionalism.
At the end of the day, there are shortcuts we can take to clean ourselves, like hiring or buying a wet vacuum cleaner, as there is only so much our home vacuum can do. Many well-known brands of carpet cleaners we can buy or hire are made for one thing alone; they can only scrape the surface of the carpet or upholstery. These machines can be hired at a reasonable price from most retail stores for as little as £28.00 per 24hours. Sounds excellent; where do I sign up!

These machines are sold or hired with a mild generic detergent to clean your carpets. In my opinion (and it is only my opinion) the detergent might not be what you need to get those stubborn stains out of your carpets. Don’t get me wrong, if you have one of these machines sitting in your home and you find that you have just spilt a cup of tea or coffee on your nice cream carpet, the chances are that if you clean it quickly, you will get the stain out, but I do believe that if that stain is left to linger and dwell, these machines and solutions are not strong enough to remove them.
This is where the professionals come in. We are trained and experienced in removing the most stubborn stains and spills from any fibre and fabric at an affordable rate.
Eventually, all carpets look a little tired and old and are in desperate need of replacement. However, before you rush out and end up spending a lot of money on something brand new, money can be saved by calling in a professional cleaner. The resulting deep clean can be quite astonishing, giving your carpets an entirely new lease of life.
Choosing the right carpet cleaner for you

How much does it cost for a professional carpet cleaner?
Professionals and specialists charge a rate that they believe their time is worth to you. It might sound harsh, but that is the reality. The cleaning chemicals and solutions’ cost varies, but they should be included in the rate you are being charged. If you are a commercial client, you can expect to see an itemised invoice showing “sundries and solutions”. Professionals are well within their right to charge what they want, but as a general rule, expect to be charged between £25ph and £35ph.

How the cost is worked out?
For the best possible results from wet extraction cleaning, your carpets have to be vacuumed first. This is to remove any loose soil and detritus from within the carpet fibres. This is the most essential part of any deep cleaning process; if avoided, you can expect to have heavy re-soiling after drying or browning in your carpets. After your carpets have been vacuumed, they are then spot treated with specialist solutions and pre-treated with a pre-spray; this pre-spray is then either brushed manually into the fibres of your carpet or mechanically. The solutions are then left to dwell and start working on any deep-down dirt, soil, grease and bacteria. Now, for the extraction, A rinse agent will be pressure sprayed into the fibre to wash out any pre-spray and residues from your carpets.
When the rinse has been complete, your professional will now reset the fibres in you carpets to aid and speed up drying times, they may even add an air-blower to help this process. So looking at what professionals need to do to get the job done right, you should see how they can justify their costs and rates.
The average carpet clean cost in a living room size of 4m x 4m should cost in the region of £56.00 for 1.5hrs to 2hrs work. This gives an average cost of £28ph to £37ph.
Stain removal is totally different to carpet or upholstery cleaning. For this service, you should expect to pay a call out fee of around £20 to £25, then an hourly rate on top as bad stains like paint, blood, faecal matter, urine, and many more can be very time-consuming to remove. Be sure that you state what you need if you employ a professional; you don’t want to ask for a clean when you need stain removal.
If you need stain removal, the cleaner you contact will first ask have you tried to remove yourself. It sounds a silly question as that is what we all do. But to a professional, it may take longer to remove if you have used solutions that may react with the solutions they use. This will have an impact on the cost.

Is there a way to save money on professional carpet cleaning?
Yes, is the easy answer. Most cleaning companies offer multi-room or furniture cleaning offers. Search “carpet cleaning prices near me” or “carpet cleaning prices Cardiff” (replace Cardiff for your region) or even “professional carpet cleaning prices” online. You should get several options to choose from.

Other Cost Considerations
When you’re booking professional cleaners, avoid unexpected costs and look for the following.

Minimum Charges
It’s not worthwhile for some cleaning companies to clean a single room. They often charge a minimum charge of around £50. It’s much better and cheaper overall to get your whole house cleaned in one go or look for a multi-room deal.

Stubborn Stains
Remember to ask for the clean you need, if it’s stain removal, tell you professional what the stain is, how old it is and if you have tried to remove it yourself.

Furniture Removal
No cleaning company expects to move furniture, remove all items from the rooms you need to be cleaned, remove all fragile items. If you are happy to have your cleaner go around your furniture, they will. Don’t leave it until your cleaning day; you may be charged for the time they have to wait for you to empty a room.

Money-saving ideas.
Whole house cleans is another option to consider; most companies charge between £200 and £250 for a three-bedroom house; if you were to add up individual rooms, the cost would easily exceed that price



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