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Carpet Cleaning with a different

Fibre Identification

Before any clean starts we identify the fibres and structure to ensure the correct solutions are used.

Pre-spray and spot treat

We then pre-spray your carpets and treat and stubborn marks and stains before agitating the fibres.

Treatment time

Most pre-spray and spot treatment needs time to work. We allow the solutions time to work into your carpets.


After allowing treatment time, we now use one of our high powered wet vacuums to deep clean your carpets.

A professional Carpet Cleaner in South Wales you can trust!

Only by using specialist cleaning solutions can we ensure that your carpets are brought back to life!

John was early to the appointment and introduced himself. He was very friendly and explained the whole process to me. He took a small sample of carpet before starting to clean to make sure the correct solution was used so as not to damage the carpet. He explained the various differences between the chemicals and reassured me that he would be able to give me the outcome that I was expecting. The carpet came up lovely and the results were amazing. We would definitely recommend JDee. Thank you John

Lisa Barrington (Google Review)

Watch us while we Carpet Clean

Reasons why you should DEEP CLEAN your carpets

  • Freshen up your home.
  • Heavy traffic lanes through your home.
  • Removing pet odours and waste.
  • Moving into your new home.
  • Moving out of your home.
  • Ending a tenancy.
  • Preparing for a new tenant.
  • Renovation work.
  • Removing Stubborn Stains and Spills.
  • Deodorising stubborn smells.

How a professional cleans your carpets

1. Pre-inspection. We will note and advise of any issues that may concern us with your carpet cleaning at this stage. We will document any stains that may be difficult to remove, wear and tear, loose gripper rods, draught marks, and answer any questions you may have. We will take a small sample of the carpet from an area like around a radiator pipe or behind a door and carry out a burns test; along with this test, we will carry out a dye run test. These tests ensure that we use the correct cleaning solutions for your carpet.
2. Removal of items. We always ask you to move any valuable items from the room we will be cleaning. Light furniture we can move as we go along. Any heavy items we can not move.
3. Vacuuming. Although your property may be spotless, do not take this stage as an insult! We vacuum the carpets we are cleaning to remove any loose detritus from within the carpet fibres; any dirt or debris left behind can and will show up when the carpet dries after we have wet cleaned.
4. Spot and stain treatment. All the identified stains mentioned on the pre-inspection may be treated with a suitable spotting agent to assist in cleaning. Some spot treatment is carried out after the carpet cleaning; this ensures that there are no colour issues after cleaning.
5. Pre-spray Treatment. When carrying out the pre-inspection, we would have advised you on what solution or solutions we would use while cleaning your carpets. These solutions will be a mild alkaline solution that will break down any dirt hidden within the fibres of your carpets.
6. Agitation. Using a professional carpet agitation machine with contra-rotation brushes, we will drive the cleaning solution into the fabric of your carpet whereby loosening any detritus the vacuuming stage missed. When this stage is complete, we will allow the alkaline a little time to do what it needs to do.
7. Wet Extraction. Using one of our trusted Prochem Extraction machines, we will spray a mild acidic based carpet rinse into the carpet to extract the alkaline cleaning solution. This will ensure that your carpets are left at a safe pH level. By leaving the carpets in this state, your carpets will not deteriorate and will be easier to clean in the future.
8. Carpet Pile Re-alignment. Some clients ask for the lines to be left in the carpet after cleaning. We will re-align all the carpet fibres back to what they should be, the way the manufacturers intended. This process helps speed up drying time.
9. Drying time. All carpets are different, and an exact drying time is hard to estimate. We always endeavour to give you an average drying time when carrying out the pre-inspection. Man-made fibre carpets can take a few hours to dry, whereas wool carpets can take a lot longer. Natural airflow is the best way to dry out damp/wet carpets. We can, however, help speed up the process with an air mover (powerful fan).
10. Finally. At the end of your carpet clean, we will always ask if you are happy with the service and advise that we will come back and rectify them if you have any issues.


Different types of Carpet Cleaning

Soil Encapsulation/Crystallisation.
Firstly, the same as any other type of carpet cleaning, we dry vacuum your carpets to remove any loose dirt, soil and debris. This ensures that all the loose particles in the fibres of your carpets are removed. Then we apply either a semi-dry compound or light sprayed solution onto the surface of the carpet and work the compound or solution deep into the fibres using a CRB machine. After this process the compound or solution needs time to encapsulate and crystallise around the dirt hidden in your carpets. Once dry (which can take an hour or so) we then re-vacuum to remove the dirt that has been captured during the process and remove any vacuum lines.


Carpet Soil Extraction.
Preliminary dry vacuuming is essential for this method of cleaning, the same as any other type of cleaning. Even if you vacuum your carpets before your cleaning professional arrives, we will still insist on vacuuming your carpets, this is to ensure that there is no loose debris in your carpets. This ensures that all the loose particles in the fibres of your carpets are removed and potential staining of your carpets is avoided.
Then we apply one of our lukewarm pre-treatment solutions, suitable for your carpet, around the area to be cleaned and may use another solution in heavier stained areas and then driven deep into the fibres using a CRB machine. The solutions are allowed to react and then extracted using a specialised rinse. Once the extraction process is completed, we will then reset the carpet pile to remove any unsightly vacuum lines. The lines are often requested, but by leaving the lines in your carpets the pile will set incorrectly causing excessive drying times (which can cause staining or browning) and shadowing.


Firstly we will check the construction of the carpet and advise if any shrinkage or separation issues may be evident after extraction. After identifying the construction and fibres of your damaged carpets, we then extract as much water as possible. Any browning or dye bleed will be noted at this point.
The treated carpet will then be rinsed to eliminate the chances of browning.
In some cases we may attempt to place a turbo dryer under the carpet to speed up drying time and help reduce the chance of carpet shrinkage.
In severe cases we may advise a de-humidifier to be left at your property to extract all the moisture from your carpets, furniture and air.


Like to ask us a question or make a booking?

We all love our pets, and here at JDee, we are no different. Pets, however, do pose hygiene issues that can be detrimental to your health. Most of our pets are home trained and very unlikely to mess in the family home, but there are hidden hygiene issues to consider. Pet urine, especially cat urine, is very high in ammonia. When left to dry, the ammonia becomes highly concentrated and is especially dangerous to sufferers of COPD, asthma, or emphysema, and it may even cause allergies.
Other things to consider with pets are faecal waste and fleas. Faecal waste can be carried into your home on pets paws or coats and then trodden deep into the carpet fibres. This type of waste must be removed straight away. The health implications are not exhaustive, but the risk of contracting HEPITITUS A can cause mild flu-like symptoms, diarrhoea, nausea, extreme tiredness, itchy skin and stomach pain. Only Deep Cleaning Carpets with specialist chemicals can remove this harmful disease.

Pet fleas won’t live on humans, but they will bite. They will also find safe havens in the fabric of your home furniture and carpets. If you have pets and you have noticed small red marks on your body, ask yourself…

Does the mark have a small scab which has a red halo?
Does the mark have a central red spot?
Are the red marks in clusters?
Are the marks mainly on your legs or ankles?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions. There may be pet fleas in your home. 

Unpleasant smoke odours and carcinogens linger in fibres and fabrics long after the cigarette is extinguished. Smoke particles will attach themselves to all surfaces and trying to mask them with odour treatment only suppresses the odour for so long. If a non-smoker enters your home, they will undoubtedly smell the aroma despite your attempts to hide them.
Carcinogens are harmful to your health and should be treated sooner rather than later.
It is recommended that if there are smokers in your home, carpets, rugs and upholstery should be Deep Cleaned every quarter (every 3 months). 

JDee Specialist Cleaning Solutions are here to help!

By pre-treating stubborn stains first and only using industrial strength environmentally, pet friendly, child friendly bleach free chemicals in our high powered DEEP CLEANING Professional Vacuum Machines, we can remove all hidden dirt, fleas, faecal waste and bacteria from your carpets.
We can visit your home to carry out a full inspection to give you a better idea of what is needed and what is required. For further information or to make a booking, fill out the contact form, and we will get back to you within a few hours. 


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