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JDee Extreme hoarding cleaning

What is hoarding?

Hoarding affects one in 2-5% of households in the UK and is classed as OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). The obvious signs of this condition, more often that not, is not recognised by the people who need help to get back on track with their lives.

Each client is different, we will adapt our processes to each individual.

A half empty milk carton left in the fridge soon becomes the case of, "I'll throw it out tomorrow." Before you know it, that half-empty milk carton has built a small army. It has gone off in the fridge and started to separate and become a health hazard. The worktop is cluttered with milk carton sentries, and they are building a force that will soon spread through the rest of your home.

Hoarding is not just storing unwanted items!

Do you know or are you someone who stores unwanted and unused items or living in conditions that are unhealthy and don't know what to do?

Putting your well-being first!

Using tried and tested procedures and systems, we will ensure that after the first day your dwelling will start to look like a home again. 
We will focus on the main areas and rooms which have the highest risk factors. We will separate the junk from the things you want to keep.
Our main focus is to lower the risk of hazards, whether trip hazards, fire hazards or personal well-being hazards and leave you in a safe environment at the end of each day.

JDee Extreme and Hoarding Cleaning
Hoarding can affect households and not just individuals
JDee Extreme and Hoarding Cleaning

After EXTREME cleaning

Recognising a hoarder...

Hoarding is a disorder where individuals find it challenging to dispose of items that are no longer needed or required. Items that are kept can be sentimental things from loved ones who have passed, the belief that items will be required at a later date or something as simple as a memory trigger. All of us will have the need to keep something, hoarders are no different. The issue for hoarders is that everything is amplified beyond reason.

JDee Extreme and Hoarding Cleaning

The central feature of hoarding is the disorganized clutter. The living spaces can no longer be used for everyday living as they were intended. Moving from room to room is challenging, exits are blocked, and daily routines within the home are difficult and complicated.

JDee Extreme and Hoarding Cleaning

Hoarders find it challenging to discard items as they believe that they will need at a later date. By keeping unwanted/needed items, hoarders put themselves in danger. These dangers can have a massive effect on relationships, personal well-being, personal hygiene and individual risk, which include fire hazards, trip hazards and bio-hazards which can include rodent mess and rotten food. 

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JDee Extreme cleaning

Hoarding and the effects on you...

Hoarding is now recognised as an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and will have a negative impact on your health and/or well-being.
Firstly, your health is at high risk due to the amount of detritus around your home, making it difficult to clean to a reasonable standard. The build-up of dust around your home will undoubtedly cause a respiratory issue. Sufferers of COPD, asthma and emphysema will find it difficult to breath as the dust particles will cause inflammation in their airways. Although treatable with medication, these conditions can be deadly if contaminants are continually breathed in.
Constant hoarding also causes issues with air circulation in your home and can/will cause unwanted pests and mites to live hidden alongside you and un-noticed. The lack of air circulation can/will also cause undesirable bacteria and mould to grow on unseen surfaces hidden behind or under detritus.
Even if you do not suffer from the conditions as mentioned above, mould and airborne bacteria can/will cause respiratory issues. 

Don't ignore the signs of hoarding!

Do you know or are you someone who needs help? We want to help!

JDee Extreme cleaning

Your Well-being...

Although you may feel that you are coping with everyday life. Is this enough?
Apart from contracting respiratory issues, you probably do not entertain in your home due to the clutter and filth. Your friends are probably too polite to say anything, but they are drifting away or avoiding visiting you at your home.
These adverse effects will have a massive impact on your well-being, and they will probably cause issues with your cleanliness and personal hygiene. These issues will cause friction between friends and family.
By fighting these issues head-on, and getting back on track, those previously cluttered communal areas will allow you to invite friends and family back into your home. The effects on your wellness will skyrocket. 


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