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What carpet cleaning company is best for me?
Not all carpet cleaning companies provide the same service. When making the initial call or requesting a callback, there are a few questions to ask.
Firstly, the same as most industries, what is your availability?
If a company is available same-day or next-day, ask yourself why? Is it because they don’t have much work or are they a company that hasn’t built up a good enough reputation to have a full diary.
No way are we dissing new companies as we all have to start somewhere. New start companies will undoubtedly be newly trained in the latest practices and should have newer equipment, which should give the best clean possible, whereas an established company will be able to offer more experience and get the job done right, first attempt.
The next question we like to ask is, “are the images on your website your work?”
This may seem to be an unusual question, but it will give you an idea of the quality of workmanship you will receive. You do not have to ask this out loud. Just take a look at the images; most people can spot a genuine picture that hasn’t been taken only for the promotional value.

Is there any carpet cleaning offers available at the moment?
This is an excellent question. If the promotions and offers that are available too good to be true, they probably are too good to be true.
The average price for carpet cleaning around the UK is around £60 for a living room approximately five to six meters by 3 meters. The cost should be reduced if you require other carpets to be cleaned.
Let’s say that you need your living room, stairs, landing and hallway cleaned; the approximate full cost should be around £120,00. If booking a slot with the company of your choice for all the work required, you should be paying between £90.00-£100.00 for everything. That’s a discount of around 20% to 30%. If you want individual rooms or areas cleaned, expect to pay the full amount.

What chemicals do you use?
This may seem to be a stupid question, but not all chemicals are the same. The chemicals we use and recommend as a company is Prochem, a well-known company in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry for cleaning solutions that do the job.

Are the chemicals environmentally, child and pet friendly?
All the solutions we use are covered by Prochems friendly guarantee. Although these solutions should not cause any issues, but be aware, during and after cleaning your carpets, ensure that as many windows are open to create a good airflow through your property to aid drying time.
One last thing on solutions… Some manufacturers now offer VEGAN BASED solutions. If these solutions are available, be sure to ask the price as they are a lot more expensive than conventional solutions.
Are there video links on the website to show the Carpet Cleaners at work?
Most companies have realised that video on their website creates work leads. Everyone hates a static image that says BEFORE and AFTER. I know we mentioned earlier in this blog to question images on a site, but video captures us all; who doesn’t like watching a short video.
To recap on what we have mentioned so far, be sure that you get the company you deserve. When asking for a price for carpet cleaning, or the price for upholstery cleaning ask if the company you are calling “can you clean a rug carpet within the price. Get the best price you can; it’s your money after all.

Choosing the right carpet cleaner for you


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