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Carpet maintenance for pet owners

We all love our four-legged friends, but unfortunately, they are unaware of the issues they can cause on our carpets and fabrics around the home.

Treating pet urine stains, trapped hair and the odours they cause is a regular call we receive as professional carpet cleaners.

Cleaning pet urine on carpets yourself

If your pet is caught short and pee’s on your carpet, you should tackle the issue as soon as possible. The longer it is left to dwell, the harder it will become to remove. Place absorbent towels over the urine and gently dab (do not push into the carpet); repeat the process with clean towels until you can not lift any more urine from your carpet fibres.

Although some may say this is enough, there will still be urine in the fibres of your carpet. If left, the urine will dry and leave a long-lasting smell that will be difficult to remove.

Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda or baking powder where the urine was and absorb any deep down missed moisture (depending on the area soiled, you may need several tablespoons). Any urine left on your carpet can and will attract bacteria.

Leave the powder of your choice to dwell for several minutes or longer, and then vacuum when dry.

After this process, apply a deodorising spray to neutralise if you notice a smell.

If you cannot eliminate the smell or stain, you should contact a professional who will use specialised cleaning solutions and hot water rinses to extract.

If your pet regularly urinates in your home, you should consult a vet and consider a plugin deterrent to discourage the behaviour.

Other pet issues on carpets

Another issue pet owners encounter is a dank, dry smell from their carpets. This is caused by what our pets pick up on their feet and hair while out for a walk, and this is transferred and trapped deep in your carpets.

Regular pet grooming is the obvious choice for avoiding these issues, but our carpets will suffer if left for too long. Commonly known as nose blind, we get used to these smells as pet owners, but visitors who do not have pets notice smells as soon as they walk through the door.

Regular raking of your carpets can help remove unwanted trapped hair and detritus from the fibres of your carpet. These tools are readily available from pet stores and online stores.

Gently rake your carpet in metre sections at a time. You should be able to complete a 12’ x 12’ room within half an hour. When finished, bag and bin any removed hair and vacuum to remove any debris from your raked carpet.

Depending on your pet, this process can be carried out every few months, but if your pet moults daily, you may consider raking weekly or bi-weekly.

NOTE: rotate the raked direction if you are raking weekly or bi-weekly. Week one rake from a window, the next rake from a fireplace or doorway. This will ensure that the fibres of your carpets are not damaged due to excessive pulling in one direction.

Hot water extraction

There are a lot of manufacturers of carpet cleaning machines that claim to eliminate pet urine from carpets. These machines only skim the surface of the fibres in your carpet and are not capable of getting deep down.

If you cannot eliminate a pet stain or smell, or you do not have the time to do it yourself, we would highly recommend contacting a professional carpet cleaner (see choosing a professional cleaning blog). If left for too long, urine will seep into the underlay, which will have to be replaced, and the stain will become permanent.

A professional carpet cleaner will use specialised cleaning solutions, deodorisation solutions and hot water acidic rinses to eliminate the stain and smell and leave your carpets looking new again.

Bespoke Pet cleaning package

You take care of your pooch; we’ll take care of your carpets!

As professional carpet cleaners, JDee Clean & Safe offer clients with pets a Pet Cleaning Package. There are no other carpet cleaning companies that provide this personalised service anywhere.

Our pet cleaning package will ensure your carpets are kept clean and safe. We can arrange a regular or one-off visit to suit you. We will assess your needs and give you the best option to keep your home smelling fresh.

Our Pet Cleaning service includes:

· Emergency call-out

· Pet hair raking and vacuuming

· Quick-drying deodorising treatment

· Spot and stain removal

· Urine, faeces, and vomit removal

· Deep hot water extraction cleaning

· Air drying

This truly unique bespoke carpet cleaning service is only offered by JDee Clean & Safe and is available as a one-off purchase, which can be used in a twelve-month period from the date of purchase.

For further information, click here to fill out a request form, and we’ll call you back to arrange a free no-obligation visit to your home.

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