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Choosing a professional Carpet Cleaner

Updated: Mar 29

What should I be looking for when choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Over the years, we have had many clients calling us panicking about a service provided by a so-called professional carpet cleaning company. False promises had been made to the outcome of the clean, and expectations were not met. It is very frustrating to receive a call from a concerned person saying that they were given a poor service and the result is no better than the original problem.

When choosing a cleaning company, always get quotes from two or three different companies; there is no harm shopping around. Here at JDee Clean & Safe, we find that most calls are the same as the next.

Do you clean carpets? How long will it take the carpets to dry? Can you get all the stains out? What's your availability?

These questions are good, but are you learning what the company you are calling really knows about the cleaning industry and how to give the best results?

Slightly off the subject, but relevant...

I remember a call from about six months ago when I was selling one of our portable extraction machines on a popular online marketplace that was no longer fit for the services we were supplying. The person I spoke to was a young man venturing into general house services that were also cleaning carpets.

As hard as it sounds, I refused to sell the machine as it could not do what he wanted to use it for. We exchanged a few further messages and telephone conversations to help him understand the processes, but it was like flogging a dead horse.

A month later, I saw a post on social media of the same person offering carpet cleaning and a picture of him using the same machine I would not sell him. I knew that we would be getting calls to rectify what cleaning jobs he had done over the next few weeks. The person had no training, no qualifications, no insurance, and he was using general shampoo solutions and not knowing how to give reassurance to the results.

We believe that when you are looking for your Professional you should be looking for 7 things!

1. Carpet cleaning accreditations with links and logos on their website

When looking for a credible company to clean your carpets, look for accreditation of training. Most certifications in the UK come from only a few training companies. Look out for IICRC, NCCA, UKCPAS and PROCHEM; these companies are the pinnacle of the training industry standards. Don't be embarrassed to ask if the company you call has accreditation; most companies like to brag and show off their certificates.

2. Do they have sufficient insurance?

Ask if they have insurance and ask to see their certificate. If they can't show you their insurance policy, alarm bells should be ringing!

3. What equipment and solutions do you use?

This question comes up quite often, and we are always happy to tell our clients what we use as we are proud to use industry-beating machines from PROCHEM. The Hot Water Extraction machines we use are also used in Buckingham Palace. (If it's good enough for the Queen of England, It's good enough for us.)

When we initially started up, we completed all our training in London through Prochem (yes, this name keeps popping up in this post). With decades of experience in carpet cleaning and creating world-class solutions, we found their in-house training centre was the best for us.

Our current Portable Hot water extraction machines cost us in excess of £5000. Not the cheapest granted. But. THE BEST!

There we go, I'm starting to brag. Next subject…

4. Social media presence and reviews

All companies these days are on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and even TikTok. This is where you will find what services are offered, and you will even see their work via images and videos. Most companies promote and give discount deals on their socials, scroll through their posts and don't forget to hit their like button for future posts, discounts and promotions.

Some clients don't like leaving reviews, so don't be surprised if the company you are researching doesn't have many. There should be a few, at least. Take a look at the quality of the reviews; Google vets all reviews, so you should be able to see if they are genuine or not.

5. Do they offer quotes over the phone?

Yes, they do, great! Or is it?

How can anyone quote accurately over the phone? The chances are that if they quote a cost this way, the price will be inaccurate. We often get calls where people say, Can you give a rough price?

Yes, we can, but would you be disappointed when we arrive and give you a revised price that is more than what we said on the phone.

The only way that this way of quoting can be done is by offering the highest possible price, which can be pretty scary. We have given quotes for 100s of pounds in the past and lost the cleaning contract, but if worded correctly, the cost will be lower than quoted. We only estimate over the phone and give the higher price; when we arrive to assess what needs to be cleaned, we always close the deal for less than we estimated on the phone and clean something else free of charge.

If we are called for commercial contracts, we will always insist on a site survey visit as there are many different options for cleaning.

6. Are your professionals identifiable?

Most rouge cleaners will turn up at your property in a clapped out van or car wearing ripped jeans. They will drag their substandard equipment from the rear of their vehicle and drag the hoses up to your house.

Here at JDee Clean & Safe, all our staff wear an identifiable black polo shirt with the logo on the left breast; they will also be wearing a name badge with a photo ID and employee number. We pride ourselves on our appearance as it is our biggest asset.

7. Do they offer a guarantee?

Most cleaning companies offer a guarantee of some kind. Some say 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee, others say that they will come back and clean your carpets again if you are not satisfied. If there is no reassurance, the chances are the quality won't be there, and it will cost you more money to rectify what has been done.

Our guarantee is your satisfaction. In the past five years, we have cleaned 1000s of sq ft of carpets, commercial and residential, used 100s of gallons of cleaning solutions and water and only had to revisit one property.

If you feel that your carpets could do with a good clean or a refresh and live in the South Wales (UK) area, drop us a message on our contact page; we would love to chat with you and discuss your needs.

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