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Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff at its BEST!

Carpets attract dirt, grime, dust and bacteria over time that can not always be seen at first glance as they are hidden deep within the fibres. If you are looking for a reliable carpet cleaning company, look no more. Our high-powered portable hot water extraction machines allow us to penetrate deep into your carpets' fibres, extract what you can't see, and make light work of transforming your dirty carpets into clean, sanitised and fresh-smelling areas; that you'll want to show off!

All of our technicians are DBS checked, fully trained and fully insured to work at your home.


More than one room to clean? Don't worry; we offer a residential multi-room discount when you like our Facebook page!


Don't live in Cardiff? Don't worry, we cover Newport, Pontypridd and the M4 corridor!

Eliminating tough stains from your carpets

After completing a thorough assessment where we identify your carpets' backing, structure, and fibres, we can give you the best option for cleaning without damage. We provide you with a service and the results you deserve, using the best award-winning Prochem specialist solutions that are kind to your carpets & upholstery but tough on dirt and grime. Using these Stain busting, grime eating solutions and powerful hot water extraction machines, we can tackle your home's most stubborn dirt, spills, stains and traffic lanes. Our solutions are mixed and combined with a powerful blend of surfactants and water-based solvents for efficient soil, draught marks and greasy areas removal and are suitable for wool, wool-mix, stain-resistant nylon, and other pH sensitive, wet-cleanable fabrics and fibres.


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Stain busting, grime eating solutions

Whether you need your carpet or upholstery cleaned, we have the solutions and the techniques to tackle:

  • Most food and beverages

  • Blood

  • Oil 

  • Grease 

  • Cosmetics 

  • Adhesive 

  • Wine 

  • Rust 

  • Paint 

  • Chewing gum 

  • Nail polish 

  • Ink

  • and many other common commercial and household spots and stains.

JDee Clean & Safe - carpet protection

Making stains a thing of the past

Our flooring and upholstery are often overlooked but are the most costly to replace when things go wrong. Our solutions are designed to defend and protect your carpets and are always left in a safe Ph state, but to shield them even further, you might want to consider guarding them with fabric and fibre protector and eliminate stains forever! Prochem Fabric Seal or Fluroseal are specially formulated to coat and protect the fibres with cationic technology for durable soil and stain resistance.

Stain guarding can be applied to carpets and upholstery straight after a thorough cleaning.

Protect my Fabrics

Carpet Grooming Service

The ultimate carpet grooming service for homeowners with pets!

Eliminating dry, dank smells from pet hair, urine and faeces.

Carpet raking


Urine, faceas & vomit removal

Deep hot-water extraction

Air drying

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